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Healthy Tips for Sleeping disorders

With the increase in our daily work load, pressure and competition, there are significant rise in sleep problems. In order to complete works on time and to complete studies on time people are cutting on their sleep timing. This is really bad for your health system.

Sleep is one of the important act (kriya) in ayurveda. More emphasis is given to sleeping in ayurveda. Sleeping is important for a healthy and disease free body. Individuals who sleep and awake on right time daily have a healthy mind and soul. This is because sleeping on right time gives enough time to the body to process the food we ate. But if we do not sleep on right time food is not digest well in the stomach leading to the cause of several diseases such as indigestion , acidity and uneasiness. 

Here are some tips of sleeping according to Ayurveda:

  • Having a deep sleep from 11 pm. to 5 am helps prevent most health problems.
  • For a healthy mind and body at least sleep for maximum of 8 hours every day.
  • It is recommended to wake up and bath before sunrise.
  • Never leave the bed as soon as you wake up. Instead we must close our eyes sit straight and meditate for at least 1-2 minute. This will result in positive energy in us to have a good start of the day.
  •  If anybody face less sleeping problems then need to wash feet with lukewarm water and dry it completely before sleeping.
  • Add 4 drops of mustard oil in both the ears and cover your ears with a cotton ball. This treatment is really good if you have serious sleep problems. 
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