10 GM
500 GM

Arshoghni Bati

Usage: Useful in bleeding & non-bleeding piles and haemostatic. Ingredients: Neem, Bakayan, Mingi, Kaharwa Pishti and Rasaut Dosage: 1-2 pills

Brahmi Bati – Budhiwardhak

Usage: Useful in nervine weakness, promotes memory & intelligence, also effective in insomnia & vertigo. Ingredients: Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Buch, Marich

Chandanadi Bati

Usage: Useful in urinary disease, gonorrhea and other UTI. Ingredients: Safed Chandan, Kababchini, Katha, Amlaki, Kapur, Gokshru, Chhoti Ela Dosage:
40 GM
500 GM

Chandra Prabha Bati

Usage: It is a potent anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic combination used for the treatment of diseases like urinary tract, kidney disorder, pancreas,
30 GM
500 GM

Chitrakadi Bati

Usage: Antacid, stomachic & carminative. Useful in dyspepsia, syphilis & other urinary troubles. Ingredients: Plumbago Zeylanica, Zingiber Officinale, Asafoetida Dosage:

Gasnasak Bati

Usage: An effective supplement for indigestion, hyper acidity, gas & colic. Ingredients: Each Pill/tablet contains Ajwain, Sonth, Hing, Chitrak mool,

Giloy ghan Bati 60 Tablet – Helps Increase Immunity

Giloy Ghan Vati helps increases immunity, beneficial in all types of fevers, Cold and cough , helps to prevent infections

Khadiradi Bati

Usage: Useful in diseases of mouth, throat, tongue & teeth. It can be used by singers to clear their voice.

Krimi Ghatini Bati

Usage: Useful for children and adult in all kind of worms. Ingredients: Somraji, Haridra, Pipal, Kamila Haritaki, Nishoth Dosage: 1-2
10 GM
500 GM

Mahasankh Bati

Lama Mahasankh Bati is formulated to aid in the treatment of dyspepsia and anorexia. The medicine is helpful in the

Makardhwaj Gutika with Gold

Lama Makardhwaj Gutika (S.A. Yukt) is formulated to facilitate relief in chronic cough. The product may assist in improving sperm motility
10 GM
500 GM

Rajh Prawartani Bati

Lama Rajh Prawartani Bati is an ayurvedic remedy which is useful in female related disorders such as irregular and painful menstruation

Sankh Bati

Lama Sankh Bati is a herbal remedy for digestive ailments. Enriched with the goodness of herbs such as Tamarindus indica and

Shulwarjini Bati

Lama Shulwarjini Bati is formulated to provide aid in the case of colic and gastritis. The product aims to facilitate

Vatchintamani Ras Brihat

Lama Vatchintamani Ras Vrihat (S.M Yukt) is formulated to facilitate aid in the case of Vata Dosha imbalance diseases such

Vridhivadhika Bati

Lama Vridhivadhika Bati is useful in relieving testicular swelling and inflammation of the scrotum. It helps in treating hernia and