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Manmath Ras

Lama Manmath Ras is an ayurvedic remedy which is useful in maintaining sexual wellness. It helps in improving vitality and

Purnachandra Ras with gold

Lama Purn Chandra Ras Brihat is an ayurvedic remedy which may assist in improving conditions such as premature ejaculation and

Shakraballabh Ras with Gold

Lama Shakra Vallabh Ras is formulated to assist in balancing Vata. The tablet helps to improve the immunity level of

Sidh Makardhwaj Special with Gold

Lama Siddha Makaradhwaj (Swarn Yukt) is formulated to manage the physical strength and stamina in old age. The tablet may
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Sri Gopal Tel

Lama Sri Gopal Tel is formulated to provide relief in nervous diseases. The product may help in the treatment of