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Aloe Vera Juice

Usage:  Lama Aloe Vera Juice is rich in antioxidants that protect the body from free radical damage. It is used
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Usage: Khadirarishta helps in treating cardiac and digestive disorders. It can also be used in the management of some acute

Neem Oil

Lama Neem Oil pressed from seeds of neem. it has unique skin healing and antiviral properties. It soothes and moisturizes dry

Neem Veg 60 Capsules

Neem Veg Capsule is formulated using 100% pure neem extracts for restoring the skin. Neem Veg capsules are specially formulated
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Triphala Churn

About Lama Triphala churna Lama Triphala churna is an excellent product that helps to balance the health of the body.